Organizer - Office Bag - Portfolio Bag
  Eden Ingle 's product feedback on 31 Jul, 2018

I searched countless etsy shops looking for the perfect portfolio and that's how I found Delphi Leather.

The quality of the leather and the careful crafting was evident in the photos, but I was blown away when I received it in person and saw it with my name engraved and got to feel how soft the leather was and AHH I just couldn't love it anymore!

I just used it for the first time at a meeting with a potential new client, and at the end of the meeting she said "and I can't help but ask, WHERE did you find that portfolio??" and I let her know DELPHI LEATHER!

If you're looking for a super high quality leather product, run (don't walk!) to their etsy shop and let them make your dreams come true!

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