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Ideas, Innovation and Execution

We all have ideas but translating those ideas into something tangible (a product or a service) is what separates doers from thinkers. Facebook was not the first social network, iPhone was not the first smartphone and Google was not the first search engine. What differentiates these companies from others is their level of execution, how they took the existing product/service, improved them and successfully built enterprises around them.

Delphi Leather is an outcome of one woman's love for leather products and the passion to handcraft magic with leather. After pursuing leather crafting as a hobby, and selling her products at local weekend Crafts Fair across India, for several years, our patron Asna Faruqui, found the motivation to establish a global brand as she walked down the Magnificent Mile, Chicago in the summer of 2015. Browsing through the stores, she knew the potential that was locked-up in her brand Delphi Leather, and she decided to set up a global enterprise offering fine handcrafted leather products to buyers across continents. 



Don't carry a burden on your back; instead showcase the timeless legacy of dynamic craftsmanship

Messenger Bags

One should always have something sensational to open up in public; so buy experiences, not things


Tote Bags

Fashion is a mystery as it is indeed the minimalist design that is sophisticated in an acute sense

Travel and Duffle Bags

Let your memory be your Travel Gear and enrich your life with those rare packing and unpacking experiences

Knife Rolls

A Knife without the Knife Roll is nothing more than an object; make it a Timeless Masterpiece

Office Bags

Create your own visual and classic style; let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable for others

Toiletry Bags

What you hold in your hand is the unique fusion of craft and skilled craftsmanship


Pack the rights skills and the right attitude; you don't need anything else



Jan 02, 2018
This knife roll was even more perfect in person! The attention to detail and craftsmanship was impeccable.Asna was very patient and nice to work with making sure my items were going to fit perfectly and get to me on time.My Fiancee was completely blown awa ...»
Maria Jose
Feb 06, 2018
Perfecto , muy bien realizado y muy bonito, a mi hijo le ha gustado mucho. En todo momento estuve en contacto con el vendedor y me informó de todo el proceso de realización y entrega. El nombre de mi hijo grabado en cuero precioso.Perfect, very well done and very nice, my son liked it very much. ...»
Oct 10, 2018
Leather knife roll is absolutely awesome for carrying the everyday tools of a chef.Would give 6 stars if possible.Very good customer service, quick response, and custom order of adding extra loops for pens/sharpies we ...»
Jean Nairon
Nov 27, 2017
I love it. It came just as described. I choose the vintage leather and it looks great.I find it does scratch easily but it adds to the look. I’ve had quite a few great comments from friends on it as well.I would recommend a water resistant spray if you pla ...»
Jan 04, 2018
I love this portfolio! I work in the financial industry and I wanted a professional portfolio.My last name is on the bottom corner too and it looks great. I would highly recommend this shop and this product. Also, I messaged once a few months ago when I was ...»
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