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Product Warranty

All Delphi Leather are accompanied by a One Year standard product warranty from the date of purchase. Upon successful product registration a customer is entitled to claim the product warranty for a period of One Year and Delphi Leather is liable to repair or amend or fix or replace any product that falls under the warranty coverage.

Warranty Coverage

Any defects like protruding stitches, loose rivets, malfunctioning zippers, broken straps or other hardware defects falls under the warranty coverage provided by Delphi Leather.

Not covered in Warranty

Liquid damages which causes stains on the Leather or lining of the product. Damages caused by sharp objects to the leather or lining of the product. Stacking or storage which leads to fungus on leather or lining of the products are not covered in the product warranty of Delphi Leather. But as a valued customer we can revitlaise your leather product which shall be chargeable to the nature of damages and repairs along with the shipping charges for the same which shall be beared in full by the customer.

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